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Garden Design

Smith Brothers Tree & Landscaping has helped many people across Chicago's western suburbs design and create the perfect garden for their property. Gardening design services are in high demand because designing a functional garden that is also visually appealing requires skill. 

There are many considerations to be mulled over when creating a garden design. Here are a few of the considerations Smith Brothers Tree & Landscaping takes into account when designing gardens for their clients.


What is the garden for?
Knowing what the purpose the garden will have is the foundation of any garden project. Is it for growing fruits and vegetables? Do you plan to use it in order to bring color to your yard? Are you having a gazebo built and the garden is going to accentuate the path to it? Perhaps what you are looking for is to have the scent of flowers surround your property? All of these purposes require very different layouts for the garden in question.

Is there enough light for a garden?
Depending on the plants you are looking to grow, you will need more or less sunlight. To achieve the right amount of sun you may need to change the placement of your garden or remove obstacles which are preventing adequate sun access.

Click on the following before and after photos. The browser being used must allow a new window to open to view the enlarged image.


With a slope too difficult to mow,
a new garden is installed.

Landscaping fabric & mulch
are used then additional shrubs were added.

New garden berm is added in area
requiring French drainage system.

Landscaping fabric & mulch are used
then additional plants were added.

New garden berm is created in an area
previously used as a vegetable garden.

New sod, landscaping fabric & mulch are used
then specimen tree & shrubs were added.

If you know that you would like a garden but are unsure of the details, give us a call. We will come to your property and suggest a number of different garden design options.

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